Board of County Commissioners

The Sherman County Board of Commissioners sets policy and manages the business affairs of the county, including apportioning and levying taxes, and overseeing the organization and budgeting of all county programs. Called a “County Court” to reflect historical responsibilities of the office, the Chairman of the Board is the County Judge who handles juvenile and probate court matters.

The County Court meets in the Circuit Court Room at the Courthouse to conduct the business of the County on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. All meetings are open to the public.


Sherman County Solar Projects

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County Fairgrounds Project

Sherman County RV Park Project


Renewable Energy Loan Program

Sherman County Wants to Help You Install Solar or Wind on Your Home, Business or Farm!


Sherman County is proud to offer a loan program to promote the deployment of solar electric, solar hot water and small wind systems on homes, businesses and farms in Sherman County. Similar to Pendleton’s successful program, the no-interest, short-term loans are offered at amounts to match what you could receive in state and federal tax credits for these systems.  The loans help cover the gap between the last payment to the contractor and when you receive your tax credits.

Loans are available to both Pacific Power and Wasco Electric customers.  Only Sherman County property owners are eligible to apply.  Payments are due in approximation of when the tax credits would be received, generally in one or four years.  To guarantee the repayment of the loans, a security interest would be placed on the home, business or farm.  Loans will have a one-time service fee of $200 which will cover a small loan fee and the cost of a lot book report for the property.  Loans are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Sherman County renewable energy loan program does not cover all the costs of a system, only what would be refunded through state and federal tax credits.  Property owners would still need to contribute their own upfront dollars to install these systems.

Questions? Please contact Jessica Metta: 541-296-2266 or

Sherman Renewable Energy Loan Program, Step by Step:

1. Contact a renewable energy contractor of your choosing to request a site assessment.  This will teach you a lot, including how big a system you can get and what different options will cost.  Click here for a list of contractors for residential projects or click here for a list of contractors for business projects.

2. Submit an interest form for the loan program.  Contact Jessica Metta for the forms at 541-296-2266 or .

3. The County will review your eligibility for the program.  Since a security interest will be placed on the property to secure the loan, a lot book report to research any other liens on the property will be considered.  The County will also consider whether the property is current on its property taxes.

4. You will be notified if you are eligible for a loan and asked to sign a loan agreement form (contact Jessica to request examples at 541-296-2266).  You will also sign a contract with your renewable energy contractor.  The contractor will then coordinate permits, equipment purchases, the installation schedule and inspections.

5. Your system is installed!

6. Start enjoying your new solar or wind energy!

7. Everyone gets the appropriate signatures needed and the right paperwork for the State and Federal Tax Credits.


Sherman County Court
P.O. Box 365 / 500 Court Street
Moro, OR 97039
(541) 565-3416
(541) 565-3312 - Fax

County Judge
Gary Thompson
(541) 565-3416


Tom McCoy

Michael Smith

Administrative Assistant
Melva Thomas
(541) 565-3416

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