Community Corrections

Tri-County Community Corrections

Tri-County Community Corrections serves Sherman, Gilliam and Wheeler counties, and is a function of state government operated in partnership with local, county-operated community corrections agencies. Community corrections activities include supervision, community-based sanctions and services directed at offenders who have committed felony crimes and have been placed under supervision by the courts (probation) or the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision.

Community corrections provides a cost-effective means to hold offenders accountable while at the same time addressing the causes of criminal behavior and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior. Each aspect of community corrections – supervision, sanctions and services – is important to this approach. County community corrections departments develop sanctions such as electronic surveillance, community work crews, day reporting centers, residential work centers and intensive supervision programs. Development of other services such as alcohol/drug treatment, sex offender treatment, employment and mental health services are important for long-term behavior change.

The mission of the Oregon Department of Corrections is to promote public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior.

Tri-County Community Corrections
302 Scott Street
P.O. Box 404
Moro, OR 97039
(541) 565-0520
1-800-554-6854 - Toll Free
(541) 565-0525 - Fax

Parole & Probation Officer/Director
John Folliard

Parole & Probation Officer
Tina Potter

Office Tech/Service Work Coordinator

Shannon Winters

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Northern Oregon Regional Corrections (NORCOR)

Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facilities [NORCOR] is a
Regional Adult Jail and Juvenile Detention Correction Facility complex that serves four counties.
Setting a national precedent Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman and Wasco counties operate this facility.

Adult Corrections
(541) 298-1576

Juvenile Corrections
(541) 208-1447
201 Webber Road
The Dalles, OR 97058
(541) 298-4344
(541) 298-1337 - Fax


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